HEADS-UP: jfxrt.jar moving to jre/lib/ext

Tom Schindl tom.schindl at bestsolution.at
Thu Jan 24 14:06:39 PST 2013


It depends on how fast you can make this split happen.

The earlier we have javafxrt.jar on the ext-classpath the better. Yes,
there is likeliness that we break some SWT stuff temporary instead of
leaving 95% of the JavaFX users in the dust.

This is Java8 and this is not the only thing that breaks with builds ;-)

My take would be:
a) proceed with moving javafxrt.jar on ext-classpath
b) work with accelerated speed to fix the swt issue
   (Equinox user currently won't be hurt)


Am 24.01.13 20:23, schrieb Kevin Rushforth:
> Richard Bair wrote:
>>>>> 4) Because we still include the javafx.embed.swt package in jfxrt.jar -- see http://javafx-jira.kenai.com/browse/RT-23041 -- applications that access javafx.embed.swt.FXCanvas will need to put the swt.jar library on the boot classpath in order for it to run.
>>>> Putting swt.jar on the normal class path won't cut it?
>>> If get classloaders right no.
>>> Bootclassloader
>>>  + Extclassloader
>>>    + ApplicationClassloader
>>> So Extclassloader can only see classes from Bootclassloader for normal
>>> Java-SWT apps SWT on the bootclassloader will do it, for SWT-OSGi apps
>>> (which is the majority out there) this will cause extrem troubles
>>> because they ship swt as an OSGi-Bundle and we'll suddenly have 2
>>> SWT-Jars on the classpath then:
>>> * FXCanvas will load the one from the bootclasspath
>>> * Java-Code will load the one from the OSGi-Application-Classpath
>>> => The application will blow up completely, so for SWT-OSGi-Application
>>> giving the advice to put it on the bootclasspath is a very bad idea.
>> Does this mean that you can't use the FXCanvas in an OSGI based application?
> If I understand correctly, it means that the short-term workaround of
> putting swt.jar on the boot classpath won't be a very effective workaround.
> Perhaps we need to accelerate the separation of the javafx.embed.swt
> classes from jfxrt.jar (or delay moving jfxrt.jar into lib/ext).
> -- Kevin

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