WebView and Aloha Editor

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Perhaps Fabrizio's selection issues are related to the following issues:

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https://javafx-jira.kenai.com/browse/RT-11239 Add drawGlyphVector type support to prism graphics

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First, as this is my first post here, cheers to everybody.

So far I've been using WebView - other than pure HTML rendering - e.g. in embedding some JavaScript-based legacy application inside a rich desktop application, and it worked fine. It only needed some patches to the JavaScript code (that was some old one, not perfectly portable, written for Firefox). So, my idea was: as soon as I have some JavaScript that works with a WebKit browser, it's going to work with WebView.

Now I'm developing a JavaFX application that provides editing features to a CMS. One of the features is the editing of XHTML documents. The HTMLEditor component does a very poor job of rendering, and I want JavaScript support, so I'm trying a WYSIWYG HTML editor made in JavaScript (Aloha Editor) with WebView (and a small embedded webserver under the hood).

I supposed there were not major problems, as Aloha works well with WebKit browsers. Instead some surprise came: some things work and some are broken, e.g. selecting a sequence of characters and applying a bold style eats up some parts.

I supposed that JavaScript support in WebView is exactly the original one in WebKit. Am I wrong?


PS After some more analysis, I wonder whether this is related to the font rendering engine. When I do a text selection, I see that the selection box is not precisely placed over the original text, but often it appears with a horizontal shift. I'm not an expert of JavaScript and I don't know how the text manipulation in Aloha works, but I wonder whether a font rendering that is not the original of WebKit can cause harm.

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