Aliased image edges when rotated

Richard Bair richard.bair at
Sat Jun 1 12:01:00 PDT 2013

Hi Michael,

I've modified the thread so we can keep these different threads straight :-)

I've copied the relevant comment from RT-6933 (not sure it needs to be internal but it has attachments I'd have to vet, easier to copy the common tout) into RT-11486 which is the issue for introducing an API to allow you to choose how you want rotated images to look. This is interesting in that the idea of having a rendering hint is very similar to that being discussed for fonts (RT-6475) which we are discussing on that issue as being something to have specified on all shapes, although maybe we want it also on Images.

> Anyway - you still can't animate images smoothly with JavaFX out of the box
> because although the image itself is placed at sub-pixel positions the border
> of the image is clipped to exact pixel boundaries which makes the animation look bad.
> I have attached code to show this. You can also switch between a smooth and a
> non-smooth animation by clicking into the image with the mouse. When you
> click into the image I apply a little hack so the animation becomes smooth. But
> one should not be forced to use such tricks with a framework like JavaFX in order
> to get a smooth animation for such a trivial use case.

Agreed. Lets discuss on RT-11486 what kind of API should be exposed. I'm not sure what the level of effort is on the implementation in this case.


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