Animation swipe stutter

Daniel Zwolenski zonski at
Sat Jun 1 22:36:08 PDT 2013

Here is another one I can't reproduce in a constrained example.

This is a real world app that runs on a tablet (Windows). I tried to give
this app a bit of an "iPad style", with animations to transition between
screens, etc (this was built a year or two ago). Many of the animations '
perform poorly' and are either slow or jumpy, etc, but it's hard to capture
on video and hard to replicate in simple examples.

In this video you can see a 'stutter' as the animation goes from left to
right and back again. The stutter is right at the end just before the
transition finishes. Sometimes it's pretty much perfect but 70% of the time
it either overshoots and re-adjusts or just suddenly jumps to the end point
before it's finished the smooth animation. At least that's the visual
effect as far as I can tell.

This (and many of the problems) could very well be an issue with the actual
code on my end and not true JFX issues. I've tried to narrow down further
but it is very time consuming to do this and it would help to know if there
were any rough guesses at what might be causing this problem.

Is it the fact that everything is so highly styled, or just the number of
components, is it something like I shouldn't do any actual real work in an
'on finished' method, etc? If there are any possible leads then I can try
and put together a small sample but at the moment I'm firing randomly.

As far as the code goes, it's a fairly standard parallel transition
containing two translate transitions. A very simple example of the sort of
logic used can be seen here:

But this one animates consistently smooth.

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