API Review: Missing UNSORTED Comparator constant in SortedList

Martin Sladecek martin.sladecek at oracle.com
Tue Jun 4 06:50:06 PDT 2013

After some discussion in the JIRA issue, the change will be much simpler:
null comparator will mean UNSORTED, not natural order (i.e. using 
Comparable) as it does now.
The natural order can be done by passing Comparator.naturalOrder() to 
the SortedList.


On 05/31/2013 08:25 AM, Martin Sladecek wrote:
> Hi,
> while discussing the SortedList, we were talking about how to return 
> to the unsorted state and the proposed solution was to have special 
> SortedList.UNSORTED constant for comparator.
> Unfortunately, I forgot to include it in the final proposal, so I'm 
> proposing this now.
> Thanks David Qiao for noticing this ( 
> https://javafx-jira.kenai.com/browse/RT-30831).
> Thanks,
> -Martin

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