Tooltip is interfering with mouseEntered/mouseExited events

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A somewhat related inconvenience I have with tooltips is that if you put a tooltip on a button, then hover the mouse so that the tooltip shows up, you can't click to activate the button unless you move the mouse pixel to left or top because the resultant click will go to the tooltip and not to the button.  It's especially strange on Modena, because there the tooltip has a rounded corner, so you visibly aren't clicking on the tooltip, though you are clicking in the tooltip's rectangular bounds.

Some examples of how other apps handle tooltips:
In NetBeans the tooltip shows up below the button rather than at the mouse position - this has the advantage of not obscuring the thing which the tooltip is providing information on.
Intellij Idea is similar, except that it's tooltip is a callout has with a little triangular area which overlaps the thing the tooltip is for.  If you click in the overlapped area, the underlying node still takes the expected action.
Microsoft apps like Outlook show tooltips below the things they are providing info on (or above if there is not enough screen area below to show the tooltip).

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I have a toolbar composed by a couple of buttons. The toolbar fades away when the mouse exits. The problem is that I have tooltips set up with the toolbar and sometimes they appear under the mouse which triggers a mouseExit event that makes the toolbar fade-away.

My point is maybe the tooltips should be viewed by the API as a component that is part of the other component which they are set upon.

In this situation I'm getting random mouse exits depending when whether the tooltip appears below the mouse or not.


Pedro Duque Vieira

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