Update on the FullScreen ESC API proposal.

Werner Lehmann lehmann at media-interactive.de
Tue Jun 11 09:21:59 PDT 2013

The only usecase possibly missing is:
- customize the hint while still naming the key combination, and
- keep the default key combination.

In this case you wouldn't know the default key combination since the 
docs do not guarantee it to be ESC and you couldn't put it in the 
customized hint. If the combination property was set to whatever the 
default is instead of null (maybe a platform specific combination), we 
wouldn't need NO_MATCH and that little problem goes away. Ok, a null 
combination would then turn it off.

Not a showstopper for me, just wanted to mention it.


On 11.06.2013 17:42, David Hill wrote:
> * I want to customize the displayed hint *
> stage.setFullScreenExitHint("Don't even think about leaving this game!");

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