Experience with piecewise migration Swing -> JFX

Werner Lehmann lehmann at media-interactive.de
Mon Jun 17 07:25:16 PDT 2013

With some more time to think about it, let me add the following tickets 
which we had some trouble with in the past.

[#RT-13858] JavaFX in Swing: no autosize on Propertychanges in Controls
If the size of the root node in a JFXPanel.scene changes, the JFXPanel 
does not adjust its size accordingly. Tried to workaround in several 
ways on the Swing and FX sides but nothing really worked without 

[#RT-19953] PopupWindow.autoHide does not work in Swing application 
(includes ContextMenu etc)
JavaFX popup windows have an autohide feature, the popup is hidden when 
it loses focus. Does not work if the popup is shown from inside a 
JFXPanel. And this includes e.g. ContextMenu: open a context menu from a 
jfxpanel and move the jframe underneath. Menu stays open. Workarounds 
are incomplete so far and required quite some nested listeners.

Finally, the stage/jframe z-order problem also affects the JavaFX 
filechooser. Be aware that users can click e.g. a save button 10 times 
and get a non-stay-on-top filechooser 10 times unless you work around it.


On 14.06.2013 17:08, Robert Krüger wrote:
> What are the hidden problems one should be
> aware of (other than having 2 UI threads).

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