Experience with piecewise migration Swing -> JFX

Darryl R rdarrylr at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 17 09:20:21 PDT 2013

Thanks a lot for this one guys. I've been pulling my hair out (what little I have left) trying to figure out why my new fx app inside my swing project would always stop working after switching to a non-fx app. The call to setImplicitExit solves it. We're working with the 1.7 JDK and I'm hoping there are not too many big issues that wont be fixed before JDK 1.8 as we're not going to be able to move to it for quite a while.

Is there something more detailed available on integrating piecewise than the following links? We're working with a mature and rather large scale swing app that is going to start moving to fx over time and some more guidance might help. There have been a few issues i've got held up on for a long time with each. Also I still have a lot of work to do passing things between the 2 UI threads that i haven't tackled yet.



I have also read the fx books  (Pro Java FX 2 and JavaFx 2.0: Into by example) but they don't go in much detail in this area.



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On 17.06.2013 15:17, Anthony Petrov wrote:
> I haven't investigated deeply, but since you've mentioned cursors I
> believe this issue has been fixed already. Please try 7u40 and/or 8 ea
> builds.

Ok, I have to find time to check with 7u40ea on Mac.

> You want to call Platform.setImplicitExit(false). Please see
> http://docs.oracle.com/javafx/2/api/javafx/application/Platform.html#setImplicitExit(boolean)

Thanks, forgot about that one.


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