Stroke-border issues

David Grieve david.grieve at
Thu Jun 20 11:54:02 PDT 2013

Care to post some code? I'm not seeing what you are seeing (with respect to '-fx-border-style: solid inside')

On Jun 20, 2013, at 2:33 PM, Werner Lehmann <lehmann at> wrote:

> On 20.06.2013 19:49, Richard Bair wrote:
>> It might only be for shapes, would have to look into the code for
>> region to see if there is a way to manipulate the strokes, Generally
>> we don't use strokes on regions ourselves, since they go down a
>> slower code path than fills.
> True... but I need to support dashed, dotted, etc and that node also cannot be opaque. I believe this won't work with stacked background fills...
> On 20.06.2013 20:01, David Grieve wrote:
>> Try '-fx-border-style solid inside;'
> Tried it already. See 5th stackpane in my screenshot. Some "interesting" result.
> Werner

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