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Richard Bair richard.bair at
Thu Jun 20 21:35:47 PDT 2013

Up until now we've been using T2K to do font measurement / rasterizing. It is what is used also by Java2D. It is native code, but what we mean by "native font rendering" is relying on APIs in the native OS to do the font rasterizing (and such) rather than T2K.

Because this is new code, it just hasn't been finished for all platforms. Felipe is working on the linux implementation.


On Jun 20, 2013, at 9:06 PM, ozemale at wrote:

> I see that this release of font code includes "native font rendering".
> What is this actually referring to?  Does JavaFX 2 and 8 prior to the
> b94 (or whichever build has this native font rendering) not do native
> font rendering?
> Can someone explain exactly what "native font rendering" actually
> means and whether it is something new?
> Also, why is not available on Linux?
> Thanks,
> -jct
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> This time sending to the list (gets me every time!):
> Great news!
> Danno - where does this put us with the JFX78 backport? Can we get a
> build
> of this for iOS now or what's needed to close this loop?
> The RoboVM Maven plugin is working. I'd be keen to make it work with
> auto included so basically you can create a normal project and run
> mvn
> robovm:ipad-simulator (robovm:ios-device is under construction) and
> next
> thing you have a running JFX app on iOS, no mess, no fuss.
> I have a pitch for a suite of fairly major app development next week.
> So
> many unknowns with JFX and app development at this stage! I'm still
> pretty
> disappointed that JFX on iOS/Android is not officially supported by
> Oracle
> (such a massive wtf? for me) - makes it such a risky prospect for us
> on the
> front line.
> On Fri, Jun 21, 2013 at 3:47 AM, Felipe Heidrich  wrote:
>> Hello,
>> We have just open-sourced javafx-font and javafx-font-native!
>> Note that a lot of the code we open-sourced today is a new
> implementation
>> based on native text technologies (CoreText for the Mac and
> DirectWrite for
>> Windows).
>> We still have a lot of work to do:
>> - finishing the new linux implementation is a big one
>> - testing
>> - improve on sub pixel position text
>> - etc
>> Help is most welcome,
>> Thank you
>> Felipe

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