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Daniel Zwolenski zonski at
Fri Jun 21 00:25:22 PDT 2013

Ok, that's how I read it, and so as per my email Sonatype still makes sense
to me as the "spot" to put these libs (see the link I linked to).

And, as I said, once you start using it for your third party repos it's a
small step to then start deploying the actual built artifacts into it,
which is something I've been asking for since I first joined in when 2.0
was in beta. We couldn't do it before now because of legal reasons with
Oracle. Now we can legally do it but it's technically very, very easy for
you guys to do and very hard for us to do.

I have already the Sonatype groupId setup and waiting for you to use so
most of red tape part is already done.

I don't really see any reason not to do this but you seem reluctant? What's
the reason for the reluctance?

On Fri, Jun 21, 2013 at 5:14 PM, Richard Bair <richard.bair at>wrote:

> > Are we talking Oracle or OpenJDK here. I got the impression those libs
> were Open?
> Right, it is confusing. Much of the code we (meaning the build system) are
> building all the time (for example, all of webkit or gstreamer). However
> some of it (libxslt, libxml, some others) we have only built and then
> loaded up onto an internal web server as a zip. The existing closed ant
> build system downloads that zip and unpacks it, and then the existing ant
> build uses those libraries for building webkit and producing the final
> artifacts.
> So in order to get the build working we either need to include the sources
> for these libs and build them every time, or build them once and put them
> someplace that Gradle can download them from. The ideal thing would be for
> OpenJDK to have a public binary repository in which we can put all our
> OpenJDK stuff (including snapshots of every build, and all the native
> libraries, etc) and then our gradle build can just pull everything from
> there. However in the meantime, I'd be happy if those native libs lived
> anywhere and we wired it up in the gradle build to make it automatic.
> The point I was making about Oracle vs OpenJDK is just that the Official
> Java / JavaFX / Oracle JDK builds will always probably be downloaded via
> that web page and the continuous builds of that might not be exposed in a
> binary repository. But the OpenJDK / OpenJFX builds certainly could be
> AFAIK and certainly could be hosted by anybody on any server since it is
> all just GPL.
> So what I was referring to wasn't putting builds of OpenJFX into Maven so
> much as putting the libxml, libxslt, and other web dependencies someplace
> like maven that we could then pull from in order to be able to build web
> view.
> Richard

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