Moving to Gradle (finally)

steve.x.northover at steve.x.northover at
Tue Jun 25 10:10:11 PDT 2013

Hello OpenJFX,

It's no secret that we have been moving our build to gradle and 
reorganizing our source tree at the same time.  Well, the time has 
come.  If all goes according to plan, we will have moved to the gradle 
build starting this Friday morning.  As part of a push to make 
developing for OpenJFX as easy as possible, we are working to support 
both command line and IDE developers better than we have before.  Gradle 
builds are faster than our old build system and much more flexible.  
Many FX committers use an IDE and we are working to support your IDE of 

We will be updating these instructions as soon as possible:

If you have outstanding changes against the current build and source 
tree structure, you will need to update them when the build changes.

We are hoping that the workspace reorganization and the new gradle build 
will make it much easier for everybody to be able to build & test with 
JavaFX. This is just a step along that path. Additional work includes 
reorganizing all of the tests (white-box unit tests, black box 
functional tests, manual tests), integrating in the SQE tests, further 
code refactoring, updating the Wiki to refer to the different functional 
components, adding FindBugs and CheckStyle, adding code coverage 
analysis, exposing continuous builds on a binary repository, and so on. 
Lots more to do.

Steve & Richard

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