[API Review] Make Scene styleable through CSS

David Grieve david.grieve at oracle.com
Tue Jun 25 14:18:49 PDT 2013


Scene has a fillProperty which should be styleable via CSS but this would require making Scene implement the javafx.css.Styleable interface. The interesting bits from the interface are 

    public String getId() 
    public ObservableList<String> getStyleClass() 
    public String getStyle() 
    public ObservableSet<PseudoClass> getPseudoClassStates() 

Scene will have a "scene" style-class by default. 

getId() and getStyle() will be backed by corresponding properties with setters. 

    public void setId(String newId) 
    public final StringProperty idProperty() 
    public void setStyle(String style) 
    public final StringProperty styleProperty() 

There is no setPseudoClassStates method since pseudo-class states are handled internally. The only pseudo-class state for Scene is :dir which corresponds to node orientation. 

public String getTypeSelector() will return "Scene". 

The following CSS properties will be supported for Scene: 

    -fx-cursor: <cursor | url>; 
    -fx-fill: <paint>; 

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