Does Java 8 delay mean less app developer feedback?

Randahl Fink Isaksen randahl at
Thu May 2 00:11:23 PDT 2013

Oracle has delayed Java 8 until Q1 of 2014, which means FX 8 is delayed likewise, I suppose.

Now, I have identified and filed quite a lot of JavaFX issues, but more and more of them are being targeted for FX8. I would like to provide feedback as the issues are resolved, but I can no longer do that since – like everyone else – I am developing an app using the current JavaFX release. I cannot help but wonder how many other app developers are now providing less feedback, and I fear that this will have a considerable negative impact on the quality of JavaFX. If no feedback is provided on many of the resolved issues until they are finally released all at once in Q1 2014, there is guaranteed to be QA problems – big bang is rarely a viable development strategy.

I would like to ask if this has been discussed, and if the JavaFX development team has considered moving issues from FX8 back to the ordinary incremental 2.2.x releases to strengthen the collaboration between app developers and API developers.



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