custom controls in SceneBuilder

Werner Lehmann lehmann at
Thu May 2 11:06:15 PDT 2013

The preview works fine with at least one of my custom controls, quite 
unexpectedly (in a good way :). Then again, there is trouble with 
resource bundles: it doesnt resolve my %LOCALIZED strings and bombs 
instead. I'd be happy to see the untranslated strings instead.

But my point is not about the preview, of course. Fully agree on the PI 
thing, don't like them either because they would repeat information 
(manually) which is available in Eclipse already, namely the project 

I am hoping for a SceneBuilder CLI which allows to provide the classpath.

Daniel, if you are reading this, any chance to get support for this? I 
see that there are a few classpath related issues in Jira but resolving 
those by showing a classpath popup is not an ideal solution for IDE 


On 02.05.2013 17:29, Tom Schindl wrote:
> Like I said we are using this informations already when you open the
> FXML file in the preview where we push a specialized URLClassloader to
> the FXMLLoader.
> If you define that FXMLs are always opened through e(fx)clipse then one
> could work with command line args and/or PIs (similar to the CSS stuff).
> I'm not a fan of the PI stuff but I guess it is used exactly because of
> the fact that SB has no way to store extra informations like:
> * classpath
> * css
> * translation
> IMHO the correct way to integrate SB would be to create embedd design
> view programmatically into an EditorPart (don't know how it is called in
> Netbeans/IntelliJ) and this API needs to provide a way to pass on the
> classpath.
> Anyways: SB is not opensource and unless the SB-devs provide
> informations I'm kind of lost.
> Tom

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