FXML expression binding

Werner Lehmann lehmann at media-interactive.de
Mon May 6 02:49:14 PDT 2013

Me too. I always wonder what exactly is a simple expression. For 
example, this one works:


Must be simple then...


On 03.05.2013 12:48, Philipp Dörfler wrote:
> Hi,
> http://docs.oracle.com/javafx/2/api/javafx/fxml/doc-files/introduction_to_fxml.html
>  says:
>> Only simple expressions that resolve to property values or page
>> variables are currently supported. Support for more complex
>> expressions involving boolean or other operators may be added in
>> the future.
> I'd love to see this "may" turn into "will". How are the chances for
> this to happen?
> ~ Philipp

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