OpenJFX on iOS using RoboVM

Niklas Therning niklas at
Mon May 13 02:32:38 PDT 2013


I've managed to get OpenJFX running on iOS using RoboVM. Please see the
RoboVM blog [1] for a quick video of it.

I'd like to say thank you for writing such great code! BrickBreaker almost
worked out of the box! I had to remove/stub out font related stuff of
course and PlatformLogger had to be copied from OpenJDK. Also had to fix a
tiny bug in the native glass code [2] and an NPE in PlatformUtil.getRTDir()
when PlatformUtil.class isn't available in any jar file [3].

Do you have an ETA on the open-sourcing of the font related code? It would
be a fun challenge to get most of the controls or even the Ensemble sample
to work but fonts are essential of course.


Niklas Therning

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