FX 3D : PhongMaterial xxxMap's Image questions

August Lammersdorf, InteractiveMesh sdn at interactivemesh.com
Mon May 13 10:13:01 PDT 2013


 my own tests lead to following answers:

> - Can a WritableImage generally be used as a map's image?
 Yes !

> - Will the corresponding map be updated if PixelWriter.setPixels(...) 
> is called?

 No !! But the map will be updated if the same WritableImage is also 
 added per an ImageView to the scene.

> - What are the preferred pixel formats for maps ... ?

 WritableImage doesn't provide any choice. 
 WritableImage.getPixelWriter().getPixelFormat() seems to be the one and 
 only format ?!

 The next release of my 3D model importers will allow to choose 
 WritableImage for maps. I need this too for image formats not supported 
 by JavaFX like 'tga' and 'tif'.

 Is map's pixel update planned or should I (or you) file a JIRA?


 Am Montag, den 06.05.2013, 14:18 +0200 schrieb Chien Yang 
 <chien.yang at oracle.com>:
> Hi August,
>      These are great questions. WritableImage is a sub class of Image
> so it should work, but honestly speaking we haven't tried. ;-) Please
> file a JIRA if it doesn't work.  The default image orientation for
> maps: y-down (origin at the upper left). If time permit I plan to
> write some tests, later this week, to address some of your questions.
> Thanks,
> - Chien

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