Name that Property ! javafx.Stage.fullScreenWarning=false

Tom Eugelink tbee at
Thu May 16 10:51:02 PDT 2013

Maybe in the future some more behaviors will be tuned when in kiosk mode, so how about


On 2013-05-16 19:33, David Hill wrote:
> I am working on the much requested (RT-15314) Allow trusted apps to disable the fullscreen overlay warning and disable the "Exit on ESC" behavior.
> Now we get to play, "Name That Property"!
> This is a property that will disable the "ESC to exit fullscreen..." warning overly. This overlay does not make sense in a Kiosk style application.
> I am proposing:
>     -Djavafx.Stage.fullScreenWarning=false
> to disable the overlay.
> I am sure that there will be other ideas. :-)

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