FXML and high dpi screens

Jim Graham james.graham at oracle.com
Fri May 17 16:01:02 PDT 2013

The way we deal with platform "stretching" for retina displays is to 
tell the platform that we are HiDPI aware and do the "pixel stretching" 
ourselves, but this is using only the MacOS APIs for DPI communication.

We have an outstanding Jira issue to do the same thing for Windows 8, 
but we haven't investigated what that involves yet, primarily because 
there hadn't been a major hardware shipment of Win8 HiDPI screens at the 
time we implemented Retina support.  It sounds like the new Surface 
hardware might be opening that box on the Windows side now.

If we'd implemented retina support entirely by suggesting a different EM 
to the CSS code then only code that used CSS for sizing would look good. 
  The solution we used for Retina scales all content appropriately 
including, implicitly, the CSS EM sizing...


On 5/16/13 11:51 AM, Danno Ferrin wrote:
> Executive summary: Is there any way in FXML to specify the sizes of the
> components in units other than pixels?  Either now or in the future?
> So I am running a Java Swing Application on a Surface tablet with multiple
> embedded FXPanels (mostly to deal with cross toolkit dialog modality... an
> issue for another thread).  In order to not get the horrible blurred view
> (since surface does 150% font scaling) I turn off the dpi fixing for the
> java app, so the swing app is pixel to pixel for the most part, with some
> dramatic sizing issues with the XP theming (an issue I don't expect ever to
> be fixed).
> So I have an FXML panel that is supposed to be 560x400, and I literally get
> 560px by 400px.  But the widgets are all sized in EM, which respects the
> native DPI scale.  I don't want to turn that off, because in this case I
> like it.  But the widgets scale up, so it sizes like a 373.333x266.666
> panel.  What I do want to be able to do is specify the FXML sizes in EM, so
> I would call it 35em x 25em.  Is there a way in FXML to specify these?  Or
> will I have to do multiple FXMLs mechanically scaling the sizes up.  Or is
> there some escape sequence or auxiliary data I can add to say "scale pixel
> sizes by 150%"?

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