FXML and high dpi screens

Jim Graham james.graham at oracle.com
Mon May 20 23:32:59 PDT 2013

On 5/18/13 12:20 AM, Jack Moxley wrote:
> As such having it done for me, does not appeal, unless I have a way of overriding it.

Absolutely we should strive to allow any app to manage its own pixel 
registration.  But, we do need to do something by default to avoid 
completely unreadable apps for those who aren't paying attention to the 
screen resolution.

Also note that apps already experience a default high resolution 
mechanism in printing.  You wouldn't design a printing API that requires 
an app developer to draw everything 4-8x larger in order to be able to 
read their printouts.  But, you do want them to be able to customize 
what they print if they want the best quality.

Right now Apple "handles it for you" with pixel stretching.  Until we 
added retina support we were being managed that way and it got passed on 
to our apps as blurriness.  We currently "handle it for you" with a 
hidden coordinate transform that keeps most things generally crisp, but 
we don't yet communicate that default scale to the apps so that they can 
customize it further.

For Win8 and MS Surface I think we will probably need to have a default 
scale to keep apps from being too small to manage, but it will also be a 
little more critical to pass on the info because the non-integer scales 
are less friendly to the assumptions that they might make...


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