css problem with custom TableRow

Neil Galarneau neil at galarneaus.net
Tue May 21 13:31:43 PDT 2013


Although most customizations to TableView can be done with custom
TableCells, I think I need a custom TableRow.

I've been trying to follow Paru's advice from her JavaOne talk with
Jonathan on starting to build a custom control based on Control.
I have subclassed TableRow & TableRowSkin and am setting a Row
Factory on the TableView.
I can see my subclasses getting instantiated, but in my TableRow
subclass, getUserAgentStylesheet() is not getting called, which I
think is why my custom .css file isn't getting applied.

Because I have removed the table-row-cell style class in my TableRow
subclass, the table is not styled.

Can someone suggest what I can do to get my css loaded & applied?



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