OpenJFX on iOS using RoboVM

Gaja Sutra javafx at
Wed May 22 06:40:20 PDT 2013

> RoboVM strips out classes not being referenced to keep down the size of the
> app. The compiler has to be told about classes that get loaded using
> reflection. That's what the -roots command line option and the <roots>
> section in the robovm.xml file are for. You may have to add a <root> there
> for the class(es) containing the effect code. Or you could just add
> <root>**.*</root> and RoboVM will compile and link in everything.
This bug [1] can be useful for knowing classes loaded by name or JNI 
callbacks, like, by example:

-keep class com.sun.javafx.font.FontConfigManager$FontConfigFont {

-keep class com.sun.javafx.font.FontConfigManager$FcCompFont {


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