JavaFX PDF Support

Jonathan Giles jonathan.giles at
Wed May 22 12:33:39 PDT 2013

You may have to remind me, as I don't recall ever floating the idea for 
a PDF component. I do recall linking to a (possibly commercial) PDF tool 
in my weekly links posts [1], but that has nothing to do with me. I 
don't believe a PDF viewer Jira feature request has been filed either - 
so if you want to start that discussion it may be worthwhile you filing 
this feature request.


-- Jonathan

On 23/05/2013 3:04 a.m., Mark Fortner wrote:
> A few months ago, Jonathan Giles had floated the idea of a PDF component
> for JavaFX.  Was an JIRA issue ever created for the idea?  Is the plan to
> support a JavaFX-specific component or to use a Swing PDF component in
> JavaFX?
> The reason I ask is that it would be very useful in the life sciences if we
> could annotate and render PDFs.  There are some applications like
> UtopiaDocs and Mendeley that partially support some of the use cases, but
> having a component that we could build open source applications upon would
> be extremely useful.  This video gives you some idea of what we'd like to
> be able to do with this type of component:
> Regards,
> Mark Fortner

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