JavaFX PDF Support

Phil Race philip.race at
Wed May 22 14:14:56 PDT 2013

This seems to me like something that is a great 3rd party component
but not so much as part of the core platform.
Its a disproportionate amount of code, work, divergent needs and
long term maintenance for the likely audience. As well as duplicating
what support was already out there. We wanted to stay more focused
on adding to the platform things that were not easily added by external
developers, or were very widely needed.
That was the conclusion when this was floated for Java2D/Swing
maybe 8 years ago and I think the same is true for FX.


On 5/22/2013 12:33 PM, Jonathan Giles wrote:
> You may have to remind me, as I don't recall ever floating the idea 
> for a PDF component. I do recall linking to a (possibly commercial) 
> PDF tool in my weekly links posts [1], but that has nothing to do with 
> me. I don't believe a PDF viewer Jira feature request has been filed 
> either - so if you want to start that discussion it may be worthwhile 
> you filing this feature request.
> [1]
> -- Jonathan
> On 23/05/2013 3:04 a.m., Mark Fortner wrote:
>> A few months ago, Jonathan Giles had floated the idea of a PDF component
>> for JavaFX.  Was an JIRA issue ever created for the idea?  Is the 
>> plan to
>> support a JavaFX-specific component or to use a Swing PDF component in
>> JavaFX?
>> The reason I ask is that it would be very useful in the life sciences 
>> if we
>> could annotate and render PDFs.  There are some applications like
>> UtopiaDocs and Mendeley that partially support some of the use cases, 
>> but
>> having a component that we could build open source applications upon 
>> would
>> be extremely useful.  This video gives you some idea of what we'd 
>> like to
>> be able to do with this type of component:
>> Regards,
>> Mark Fortner

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