Daniel Zwolenski zonski at
Wed May 29 05:40:49 PDT 2013

The jfx packaging tools allow pre-loaders to be set. I don't use them but people using the maven plugin want them. 

It looks like you can set a preloader for both jars and for bundles (web, native). When building the bundles however they include the jar in them. So we end up with both the bundle, and the jar within the bundle, getting the preloader set. 

Does anyone know what will or should happen in this case? Does one preloader take precedence and the other is ignored, or are both used at different times and I should allow the user to set a different jar preloader to the bundle one, or is this setup invalid and I should actually not pass the preloader setting to one or the other in this case?

Not using Preloaders myself and with the packaging tool code being a complete mess, it would be good to know the expectations here so I can properly support the users wanting this. 


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