JavaFX graphics performance and suitability for advanced animations

Richard Bair richard.bair at
Fri May 31 17:11:46 PDT 2013

>> The text in PowerPoint is very likely outlines (treat the text as shapes) since there isn't much text per slide and its usually very large (in fact most render engines stop rendering text as glyphs at a given size -- for us it is > 80pt.). Hmmmm. I wonder if you used an 81pt font and scaled it down what that would look like?
> We are too clever for that ;-) Its not the user point size, its the final device scaled
> size that affects this decision. ie 80 *pixels*.

You are right, I had forgotten how clever we were :-). So either by specifying  a much larger font size and scaling between 1 & > 1, or by having a normal font but scaling it up so that the final size is the equivalent of > 80pt font, then it should end up with outlines and everything is great (but of course FPS will degrade).


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