OpenJFX in NetBeans

Attila Kelemen attila.kelemen85 at
Mon Nov 4 11:10:16 PST 2013

Hi all,

Richard Bair asked me to send my need for assitance to this list.

I have successfully adjusted my Gradle plugin for NetBeans, so now it seems
to be able to open OpenJFX (graphics/rt) after some adjustement without

My request is that, can someone verify if the plugin works as it really
should for OpenJFX? Because I have but limit knowledge about how things
should behave (red curly is bad :)).

The adjustments needed are the following:

- You have to use Gradle 1.9 (currently 1.9-rc-2). So for now, you can
write "?VER=1.9-rc-2" in the Gradle home text field of the project

- Add "-J-DCachingArchiveProvider.disableCtSym=true" to the
"netbeans_default_options" key in "NETBEANS_HOME/etc/netbeans.conf". This
is needed because otherwise NetBeans won't recognize some classes (like

- Create a build.gradle (an empty one is good) for each subproject of

- Install the snapshot build of my plugin:

Thank you for your help. If there is something more you need, I'm happy to
provide more info.

Attila Kelemen

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