[8] Review request for RT-33352: Win: Image and html cannot be dnd or clipboarded at the same time.

Stephen F Northover steve.x.northover at oracle.com
Tue Nov 5 12:33:34 PST 2013

.. and of course, I looked at the JIRA too quickly and just saw the 
link and didn't notice that the text above was the explanation of the 
fix.  My bad.

Would be good to follow the same format that was sent to the list and 
include the link along with the comment (or send a really short 
description to the list).  Then guys who pattern match instead of 
reading won't get tripped up.


On 2013-11-05 3:17 PM, Stephen F Northover wrote:
> I will.
> n future, please add me to the JIRA and attach the review request 
> there.  I see the webrev is there but the information about what you 
> did to fix the bug (the contents of this email) should be there too.  
> That way all the information about the bug and what you did is in the 
> Other people may be interested in the review and that is great 
> information contacting the list is a great thing to do.  You could 
> email me and CC the list as follows (or just email the list).
> Subject: [<release>] Review request for <bug-id>: <summary>
> To: <desired explicit reviewers>
> CC: <mailing list>
> Body: <link to the JIRA with a very short description of the problem>
> The body can be really short but must contain the link.  The main 
> purpose of emailing the list is to inform people that a review is 
> taking place and an interesting bug is close to being fixed.  If the 
> body simply had the JIRA link and the title, that is good enough. 
> People are invited to follow along in the JIRA.
> ... and thanks for fixing the bug!  (and sorry for this big long email)
> Steve
> On 2013-11-05 3:06 PM, Anthony Petrov wrote:
>> Hi Steve,
>> Please review a fix for https://javafx-jira.kenai.com/browse/RT-33352 at
>> http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~anthony/g-4-imageHtmlDnD-RT-33352.0/
>> The fix is trivial and allows one to pass both an image and an html 
>> content via clipboard whereas previously the code could ignore the 
>> image, try to convert the html to an image, fail, and report as if 
>> there's no images present at all.
>> -- 
>> best regards,
>> Anthony

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