Two Level Focus

John Hendrikx hjohn at
Sat Nov 16 07:22:53 PST 2013

Hi list,

I'm wondering how well the Conditional Feature "TWO_LEVEL_FOCUS" works, 
and if it is allowed to be used on non-embedded platforms.

My main JavaFX project is basically a Windows/Linux application that 
runs without focus and is controlled with a remote control (no mouse or 
keyboard, although keyboard events are synthesized).  This means I often 
run into problems related to the Window not having focus (controls donot 
show it, combobox drop downs close automatically, etc.)

While fixing yet another of these problems in custom controls / skins, I 
ran into the Conditional Feature above, which quite accurately describes 
what I'm doing (remote control only has left/right/up/down and an OK 
button... and a back button) which qualifies as two level navigation I 
think.  So I tried turning this on on Windows using:

     System.setProperty("com.sun.javafx.twoLevelFocus", "true");

...which I dug up out of Jira.  This changes ComoBox control atleast to 
not respond to "up" and "down" keys when it has the focus, allowing me 
to move away from it.  However, if you do click on it with the mouse (by 
selecting one of its items), focus is stuck there and cannot be moved 
anymore with just the 5 buttons.

Anyway, this sounds like it is exactly what I need and may save me a lot 
of work, any more information about it is appreciated!


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