Minimal subset of classes for Graphics context on IOS

Steve Hannah steve at
Sun Nov 17 10:56:43 PST 2013

Hello all,

I'm looking into extracting out the smallest subset of classes to achieve a
graphics context, similar to Java2D Graphics, that will run on iOS.  I have
downloaded the OpenJFX sources and have been studying them to try to find
the appropriate entry points.  On one hand I see that the com.sun.pisces
package seems to be self-contained and provides the level of abstraction
that I am looking for.  On the other hand, I notice that this package is
only used in the native-prism-sw project (i.e. it looks like it is only
used when using the software pipeline).

I have looked at the package (specifically the IOSGL*
classes and ES2Graphics class), as it looks like these are the foundational
pieces to the iOS port of Open JFX (i.e. the iOS port doesn't seem to use
the com.sun.pisces package at all).  However even the most minimal set of
classes seem to have a large transitive footprint of dependencies in the
openjfx project.

So I have a couple of questions:

1. To achieve what I want (a Java2D level of abstraction to OGLES2 on iOS),
am I better off pursuing the com.sun.pisces package, or the com.sun.prism.*

2. Can anyone point me towards any documentation on pisces and prism that
might help me understand a bit of the history and/or context around the
development of these packages?

Any help, comments, or pointers appreciated.

Best regards


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