H/V resize cursors in a JFXPanel

Werner Lehmann lehmann at media-interactive.de
Mon Nov 18 04:38:12 PST 2013


still on FX2 I am plagued with a bug that prevents getting h-resize 
(split) cursor in a JFXPanel. This is a known and acknowledged issue, see

[#RT-26235] SplitPane in JFXPanel: Mouse cursor not changed

I have looked some more into this and noticed that this really seems to 
affect the h/v-resize cursors only, other cursors work fine, even on a 
JFXPanel. So I am wondering if this might be related to

[#RT-32507] Cursor.cursor does not accept cursor names with hyphens

which revolves around h-resize versus h_resize. This is contradicted 
though by the fact that RT-26235 is unresolved in 8 (and even scheduled 
only for 9) while RT-32507 is supposed to be fixed in 8.

The split cursor is missing everywhere: on a splitpane, on the columns 
of a tableview, on custom controls - all inside JFXPanel, of course. I 
tried to work around this by using "-fx-cursor: h_resize" instead of 
"-fx-cursor: h-resize" but that helps only outside of a JFXPanel (and 
will probably be broken with FX8). Also tried to work around by setting 
the cursor in code: setCursor(Cursor.H_RESIZE) - but even then only 
other cursors work, not the h/v resize ones.

Any ideas to make this work for FX2 (and maybe even for FX8 considering 
the fix version for RT-26235)?


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