Use of plugins in WebView

Philipp Dörfler phdoerfler at
Mon Nov 18 06:20:30 PST 2013

And especially a HWND is what I’m looking for. So I guess anything requiring a HWND is just not usable within an JFX App at all? :/

Am 18.11.2013 um 15:01 schrieb Peter Zhelezniakov <peter.zhelezniakov at>:

>> How impossible would be the use of plugins such as the Adobe Acrobat Reader
>> or the Mac OS X embedded PDF preview in Safari for WebView? Does the
>> embedded WebKit engine include an implementation of that plugin API or has
>> that been omitted?
> It has been omitted. The hardest part is to funnel all the rendering a plugin does through Prism. Not sure if that is at all possible. (Some plugins may just expect to be given a HWND for example)

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