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Stas Smirnov stanislav.smirnov at
Tue Nov 19 00:09:33 PST 2013


Lately I have faced a strange behavior while I was using JavaFX Embedded 
and touch screen.
As far as I understand there is no spec where I can find this 
information, that is why I decided to ask the community.
I have developed a simple application with one text field and a button. 
I run it using JavaFX Embedded runtime with LCD+touch monitor connected 
to an abstract board.
As a result I can see touch mode in the application, the virtual 
keyboard and other touch features. However if I plug out the touch part, 
connect mouse, at the runtime, the application does not change its 
appearance and behavior, the vk is still available with all touch 
features. So only restart of the application disables touch mode.
I know that there is Platform.isSupported method to detect different 
states, and touch is one of them. So I have checked, that, when I during 
the runtime plug in/out touch and press the button to check 
Platform.isSupported value, I can see it changes every time I plug 
in/out the touch screen.
I assume it happens, because every time I call Platform.isSupported the 
real check is being performed and because of that its value changes. But 
once again, there is no spec to check it.
I have a proposal:

  * what if there will be some kind of listener to handle state changes
  * add this listener to the controls where they ask
    Platform.isSupported to make controls change their appearance and
  * disable caching of the state in the platform(lens, quantum)
  * create specification where the realization will be described


Best regards,
Stas Smirnov

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