Focus handling on custom controls

Werner Lehmann lehmann at
Thu Nov 21 03:02:52 PST 2013

Interesting idea with those textfield insets. I have noticed that the 
FX2 combobox may not do this right because the cursor can be moved 
"behind" the combobox button. I'll give it a shot. Would still be nice 
to see how this would be done properly...


On 20.11.2013 13:57, Scott Palmer wrote:
> I did this by putting a TextField and a button in a region, and
> positioning the button manually in the layout method to be just
> inside the right edge of the TextField. Simple manipulation of the
> TextField's insets in the CSS prevents the text from going under the
> button. I set the button so that it isn't focusable.  It isn't a
> proper "skin", but it works for my purposes.
> Scott

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