Compile error building FX with latest JDK

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Tue Oct 1 13:46:57 PDT 2013

Wow, what happened to the JDK bug system, it's based on Jira, it works similar to the JavaFX bug system, it no longer an abominable - that's a huge step forward.

Thanks for pioneering the move to a better bug reporter and testing the waters with the gradle build system!
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There is a bug in JDK 8, introduced in b108, that will cause a clean build of FX to fail.

It is expected that this will be fixed in b110.

Until then, you can either stick with an older JDK, or use the following workaround, to compile the buildSrc part of the project with an older JDK:

    # point to older JDK
    gradle clean
    # point to latest JDK

-- Kevin

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