[IMPORTANT] The controls team is moving repos

Richard Bair richard.bair at oracle.com
Tue Oct 1 16:46:28 PDT 2013

This has now been completed, thanks Jonathan and the controls team for making the move so easy. Reducing the complexity of our build / test / integration is important both for allowing us to get more done with less effort (always a plus), but also in making it easier for everybody else to be able to clone from the right repos, follow the path of a fix as it goes through all the repos, test, etc. As of today, we're all working out of the "graphics" rt repo, and the master is just a read-only mirror of our once-per-week push.

I'm hopeful that with 9 we can omit the master entirely, and instead what we'll do is once a week (prior to JDK promotion), we will just tag the repo at a revision that constitutes "stable", and that we won't have to do integrations at all.


On Sep 30, 2013, at 12:26 PM, Jonathan Giles <jonathan.giles at oracle.com> wrote:

> Hi all,
> The controls team is moving repos this week! The summary is that after
> this weeks integration by David, the controls repo will remain locked.
>> From this point we will no longer be able to push changesets into the
> controls repo, but we can easily switch over to using the graphics repo
> and carry on as-is without the need to clone new repos. We just need to
> be careful to time things properly.
> For others that use the controls repo (SQE, performance teams, and
> members of the openjfx community, at least), it is advised that you also
> switch from using this repo after this weeks integration, as it will no
> longer be relevant.
> For everyone who has a cloned repo, the steps to switch from controls to
> graphics are the following:
> 1) Do an 'hg pull --rebase' in each of your repo directories to ensure
> you're up to date.
> 2) If you have changes to push, get them into the controls repo before
> integration if you want your changes to be in this weeks build.
> 3) After integration happens David will send an email indicating that
> you can make the switch. At this time you can browse to your repo clone,
> and within each folder (jfx, rt, rt-closed, tests, etc), you will find
> an .hg directory containing a file named hgrc. Open this file in a text
> editor and replace 'controls' with 'graphics'.
> 4) You're done!
> Keep an eye out for any updates to these instructions, and also the
> instruction to switch from David. Try not to jump the gun!
> Thanks,
> Jonathan

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