JavaFX Media HTTPS support

Felix Bembrick felix.bembrick at
Thu Oct 3 02:09:35 PDT 2013

I agree.  If the inability to provide 100% WORA for a particular feature
results in 0% availability then that is a fail.

I would rather the feature was available where it worked.  At least we can
build apps with those features on those platforms.

On 3 October 2013 18:51, Tom Schindl <tom.schindl at> wrote:

> On 03.10.13 10:28, Kirill Kirichenko wrote:
> >
> > For HTTP Live Streaming and some cases for MP4 on Mac we using QTMovie,
> > which only accepts URLs for FILE or HTTP protocol only and handles
> > downloading, progress buffering and HLS playlists parsing internally. We
> > do not have control over it. MP4 can also be played on Mac via GStreamer
> > via Video Acceleration Framework, but it is limited to only one instance
> > and one stream across all apps (meaning if someone runs QuickTime and
> > loaded movie we cannot use it),  limited support of H.264 bitsream (not
> > all resolutions, framerates, profiles are supported). It depends on
> > video card.
> >
> > On 03.10.2013 12:24, Randahl Isaksen wrote:
> >> No. Adding a feature which only works on some desktop OSes ruins the
> >> WORA quality of Java. What kinds of restrictions? Resource restrictions
> >> or...?
> >>
> I don't see that as a problem, if I can query for it I'd welcome that
> this is possible on other platforms. The common denominator problem is
> causing more damage to Java UIs.
> If you want to write applications today you need to exploit the native
> platform as much as possible, so IMHO WORA is not getting you anywhere.
> What JavaFX gives me is LORA (learn once run anywhere).
> Tom

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