Cylinder divisions and PerspectiveCamera fixedEyePosition should be mutable

Kevin Rushforth kevin.rushforth at
Fri Oct 4 12:46:03 PDT 2013

Yes, that pretty much captures the thinking behind it.

My thought is that there is no real reason that subdivisions need to be 
immutable, although I wouldn't want to change it at this late date for 
FX 8 unless it is needed for FXML support.

The fixedEyeAtCameraZero mode is not something I think should be 
mutable, since the camera behaves fairly differently in each mode. 
Having said that, there is no reason it couldn't be made mutable in a 
subsequent release if there was a good reason to do so.

-- Kevin

Chien Yang wrote:
> We did discuss making divisions in the predefined 3D shapes mutable in 
> earlier meeting. However we decided against it since it is a heavy 
> weight operation as the supporting mesh will has to be regenerated. I 
> believe the constructor with the divisions argument will not have much 
> use in the future when we move away from mesh implementation of our 
> predefined 3D shapes.
> The fixedEyeAtCameraZero flag in PerspectiveCamera is a setup flag to 
> the camera and once set it shouldn't be changed. The perspective 
> projection matrix is constructed differently depending on the flag. In 
> the default mode, JavaFX controls the eye to achieve a projection 
> plane at Z=0 so that simple adding of 3D shapes into a 2D scene looks 
> intuitive. The other mode, where eye is fixed a camera zero, is well 
> suitable for movable camera in the 3d space.
> - Chien
> On 10/4/2013 9:28 AM, Richard Bair wrote:
>> Why are they not? It isn't immediately obvious to me why these are 
>> not mutable? I was reading 
>> and this struck me as odd.
>> Richard

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