Rafal rafaljfx at
Sun Oct 13 16:06:09 PDT 2013

On 11.10.2013 18:53, Richard Bair wrote:
>> How much time do you think it would take community designers to 
>> develop this?
> RoboVM for iOS I think is basically at this stage, where they've got 
> something up and running to the point of being able to do performance 
> analysis and looking for bugs. It has been a several month process 
> with stops and starts. Tom and the others working on RoboVM might be 
> able to give a better estimate.

I don't understand one thing.
If you honestly encourage community to make a such big effort as 
developing, adjusting and maintaining JVMs on the two leading mobile 
platforms, you don't have any illusions that Oracle VM on android will 
be released in the next 2 years. :/
Otherwise, if such community's VM will come in blood, sweat and tears 
and be usable and Oracle announce own VM, then all this community's 
effort be for nothing and pointless.

Sorry for my English.

Best Regards

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