Media is now opensource

Richard Bair richard.bair at
Fri Oct 18 17:06:39 PDT 2013

> That's pretty much it.  VP6, T2K, deploy, FX JMX tooling.

VP6 won't ever be opened because it is licensed 3rd party code. However it isn't used that much anymore, most folks are using h.264. T2K I will come back to. Deploy code (meaning, Applets) is not planned to be open sourced, and I don't think it can be, unless JavaSE open sources all the applet / webstart code. The JMX tooling code really doesn't work well (last I tried it didn't work at all…). However I have big plans for JMX tooling in the 9 timeframe which might come to fruition (anybody out there interested in live-debugging JavaFX let me know, I've got a project for you!). I don't now that we should bother open sourcing the JMX tooling code vs. just replacing it.

Kevin, if it is easy to open it, lets just do it and use it as a starting point.

For T2K, I'm a little unclear and hope someone can help clear up for me under what circumstances we use T2K in the shipping product. My current understanding was that we use native fonts for every platform except maybe embedded, but that we want to switch from T2K to native fonts (Pango or HarfBuzz or whatnot) soon. Is that right?

The JDK uses an open source font library for OpenJDK, but T2K for the Oracle JDK. On FX we just wanted to have a single implementation that was used by both. The hope is that besides Applet code and VP6, everything in the Oracle JavaFX would be available in OpenJFX, so that JavaFX is truly an open source project built on open source code.

For you guys at RedHat, the answer is: everything is open source. Go forth, build, and prosper :-). I read on twitter Miho succeeded in a build of OpenJFX based on OpenJDK. I think the doors are open for business. Other than we still need the mercurial server moved from version .9 to something modern so that we can have outside committers commit to the repo directly, whereas right now it would require gate repos. Sadness. But if it takes a Gate repo we'll use a darn gate repo so that we can be a real open source project.


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