Media is now opensource

Sven Reimers sven.reimers at
Fri Oct 18 17:25:21 PDT 2013

Put me down as interested Richard. We can chat a bit on it at Devoxx

Am 19.10.2013 02:08 schrieb "Richard Bair" <richard.bair at>:

> > That's pretty much it.  VP6, T2K, deploy, FX JMX tooling.
> VP6 won't ever be opened because it is licensed 3rd party code. However it
> isn't used that much anymore, most folks are using h.264. T2K I will come
> back to. Deploy code (meaning, Applets) is not planned to be open sourced,
> and I don't think it can be, unless JavaSE open sources all the applet /
> webstart code. The JMX tooling code really doesn't work well (last I tried
> it didn't work at all…). However I have big plans for JMX tooling in the 9
> timeframe which might come to fruition (anybody out there interested in
> live-debugging JavaFX let me know, I've got a project for you!). I don't
> now that we should bother open sourcing the JMX tooling code vs. just
> replacing it.
> Kevin, if it is easy to open it, lets just do it and use it as a starting
> point.
> For T2K, I'm a little unclear and hope someone can help clear up for me
> under what circumstances we use T2K in the shipping product. My current
> understanding was that we use native fonts for every platform except maybe
> embedded, but that we want to switch from T2K to native fonts (Pango or
> HarfBuzz or whatnot) soon. Is that right?
> The JDK uses an open source font library for OpenJDK, but T2K for the
> Oracle JDK. On FX we just wanted to have a single implementation that was
> used by both. The hope is that besides Applet code and VP6, everything in
> the Oracle JavaFX would be available in OpenJFX, so that JavaFX is truly an
> open source project built on open source code.
> For you guys at RedHat, the answer is: everything is open source. Go
> forth, build, and prosper :-). I read on twitter Miho succeeded in a build
> of OpenJFX based on OpenJDK. I think the doors are open for business. Other
> than we still need the mercurial server moved from version .9 to something
> modern so that we can have outside committers commit to the repo directly,
> whereas right now it would require gate repos. Sadness. But if it takes a
> Gate repo we'll use a darn gate repo so that we can be a real open source
> project.
> Richard

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