Media is now opensource

Kirill Kirichenko kirill.kirichenko at
Mon Oct 21 02:18:38 PDT 2013

It will be once we create a 9.0 repo and merge our sandbox with the 
openjfx repo. Currently we have a working version of Recording/Capture 
APIs with FXMediaRecorder demo (in apps) implemented on Windows.
Linux and Mac implementations are to be done.

So expect more to be coming soon.


On 19.10.2013 3:39, Pedro Duque Vieira wrote:
> Thanks Kirill, good job.
> You guys had already a working prototype of an app that recorded audio
> and video. I wonder if this is also available?
> Thanks, best regards,
>     Hello OpenJFXers !
>     We're happy to announce that Media part of JavaFX is now open source.
>     Opensourcing touched all Media component except ON2 FLV demuxer and VP6
>     decoder. The decoder will remain closed.
>     You're all welcome to contribute.
>     Thanks,
> --
> Pedro Duque Vieira

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