GlassScene: setSecurityContext()

Artem Ananiev artem.ananiev at
Tue Oct 22 08:19:03 PDT 2013

On 10/17/2013 12:17 PM, Tobias Bley wrote:
> Hi,
> why do you introduced the security concept in GlassScene and
> GlassStage? setSecurityContext()

Security contexts for Scene/Stage peers have been in Quantum from the 
very beginning, it is not something we introduced in 2.2.40 or 2.2.45

This approach is described in details in Java Secure Coding Guidelines, 
section 9-6:

In a few words: if you have a callback (event handler, Runnable, etc.) 
registered in one place and executed later in another place, 
AccessControlContext is the way to preserve security privileges. This is 
exactly what happens in FX.

> What is the goal?
> The problem is the used class sun.misc.SharedSecrets is not available
> in the android class library. Altough I have added it to the robovm
> compat lib I’m getting a security error and are not able to start the
> app on iOS.

One of the options is to skip SharedSecrets or to treat null security 
context as a valid value, when running as a standalone application 
(without security manager, which is the case for iOS and Android). It 
cannot be implemented in application code, so please file a new bug / 
tweak in JavaFX JIRA.



> Tobi

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