JavaFX on iOS and Android - are we there yet?

Pedro Duque Vieira pedro.duquevieira at
Tue Oct 22 15:17:12 PDT 2013

> Even the most fab skins or CSS is not going to get us away from the need to
> integrate JavaFX controls with true native controls.  As has been pointed
> out, there are some native controls on both iOS and Android for which there
> is no JavaFX equivalent and this will always be the case.  Even if someone
> were to develop near identical lightweight controls in JavaFX, they would
> need to behave slightly differently on iOS than they do on Android and vice
> versa.

I don't think this is exactly this straight forward. Ideally you would want
to have this kind of native behavior on every platform. But having this
native behavior involves having a different version of your app for each OS
you want to deploy in, which might not be what the developers want.
Remember JavaFX is a cross platform development kit and the major reason a
developer would choose JavaFX over doing native mobile development is that
his app can run on a variety of mobile platforms: windows 8, ipad, android,
iPhone, etc with the same code base and *MOST* importantly with much less
development time than building an app for each platform.
For the sake of development time an app that doesn't go against any of the
different platforms UX but that has the least common denominator so that
each user in each different platform understands the UI might be a better
solution for the sake of development time. One such example is the back
button that appears when you drill down a list on an ios app but doesn't
appear in an android app because every android phone as a physical back

I do agree with you that there are some places where a native looking
control is ideal and doesn't involve any extra effort from the developer to
customize it for the given platform like for instance comboboxs where a
kind of wheel appears where the user can choose an option, or input
controls where the native keyboard pops up.

Thanks, best regards,

Pedro Duque Vieira

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