JavaFX Builders, possible solution

Lesley Perkins Lesley.Perkins at
Thu Oct 24 16:59:35 PDT 2013

I briefly discussed the builder deprecation with Richard when he visited our company back in May.  One of the ways he said to test any solution would be to build a library jar with the test hierarchy, then build a client jar using the library jar, then change the hierarchy in the library code and run the client jar against the new library jar without re-compiling the client jar.

I have done that, and it works in my simple test:

BuilderLibA - is the "original" builder library (my version)
BuilderClient - is the client app (main class is com.cpex.javafx.test.BuilderClientTest), built against the BuilderLibA.jar.
BuilderLibB - I have inserted a new class in the hierarchy between RegionBuilderBase and ParentBuilderBase.

I had tested the solution in both JDK 7 and JDK 8, a few months back, and then forgot about it as several other things came up.  All of the code has been uploaded to DropBox:

If there is something else that I'm missing in this issue let me know...I really hate to see builders go away.


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