iOS Default font is wrong

Stephen F Northover steve.x.northover at
Tue Oct 29 08:40:40 PDT 2013

If the OS is reporting the wrong value for the default a classic trick 
is to create a dummy control that normally has the font we want and 
query that.


On 2013-10-29 11:21 AM, Richard Bair wrote:
> Hi guys,
> The default font for iOS is supposed to be System Bold 15 (according to anyway), and it does look more correct to me. Our code is getting to this native method in MacFontFinder.c
> JNIEXPORT jfloat JNICALL Java_com_sun_javafx_font_MacFontFinder_getSystemFontSize
>    (JNIEnv *env, jclass obj)
> {
>      CTFontRef font = CTFontCreateUIFontForLanguage(
>                           kCTFontSystemFontType,
>                           0.0, //get system font with default size
>                           NULL);
>      jfloat systemFontDefaultSize = (jfloat) CTFontGetSize (font);
>      CFRelease(font);
>      return systemFontDefaultSize;
> }
> However it appears the return value is 13 instead of 15 (and I don't know what the actual default font family / weight is that we're returning). It is possible the answer coming from this native API call is "wrong". Any ideas?
> Richard

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