JavaFX on rPi & iOS with RoboVM

Tom Schindl tom.schindl at
Wed Oct 30 08:47:27 PDT 2013


I've been working on some samples for my presentation at EclipseCon
Europe and wanted share my findings.

1. rpi (opendjk b113)
As a demo i used Gerrit Grunwalds imagerollover [1] which in principle
works great but at a certain point crashes with an exception so
something in the OpenGL implementation there does not work. You should
be able to reproduce yourself by running the code.

2. iOS
I've been running on jfx78 backport from about 2 weeks ago. I saw some
commits for iOS but I don't think that matters.

a) Image rollover
I delambdarized Gerrits code to run on JDK6 (which RoboVM is) and while
the animations are smooth (in the simulator and real iPad-Device)
there's a lot of what Steve calls screenscheese. I don't think that
RoboVM is the cause for this.

b) Charts [2]
PieCharts are not working completely there are certain segments in the
pie missing (on the Simulator it is ok, on the device it is broken!),
BarCharts work ok.

x/y translate animations:
animation them e.g. by sliding them in from is lags a lot. I know that
charts are not the easiest components but anyways I think sliding a
chart in and out must be smooth.

fade animation:
lags and is not smooth

It might be that my animation code is not doing the right things [3] but
I doubt that it is that wrong.

I don't know how much Java-Bound this animation code is so RoboVM could
be one cause of the problem although I doubt that because e.g. for the
x/y translate animations the smaller the area I animate the smoother it



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