Creating custom chart - "XYBarChart"

Pedro Duque Vieira pedro.duquevieira at
Sun Sep 1 17:09:35 PDT 2013


Sorry for sending in several emails to the mailing list at once.

I'm having some issues while creating a custom chart - a XYBarChart, which
is a BarChart that can have both axis as ValueAxis.

The main issue I'm having is that there are a lot of fields and methods
which are "package private" and I need to access them.
I see there is already another person in this mailing list that is also
having trouble extending some other part of the framework because of
"package private" fields/methods.

Maybe there should be more inclination towards making things protected
rather than "package private". I can see the problem that this could
potentially flood the javadocs with methods and fields but I think that not
being able to extend some framework class is worse.

Thanks, best regards,

Pedro Duque Vieira

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